Why Does Every Developer Use Two Computers on their Desk at Same Time?

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Why does every developer use two computers on their desk at same time?

Every developer does not use two computers. I have rarely seen a developer actually using more than one computer and that would be for the very specific purpose of testing on different platforms at the same time. You may be confusing ‘computers’ with ‘screens’. I use two large screens as well as my laptop screen so that I have more screen ‘real estate’ to work with. Most developers I know use multiple screens connected to a single computer.

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However, if you have multiple screens, you may have more than one workstation or server. As you may know, multiple screen computing is more prevalent than one screen. You can create programs using all screens by simply using a separate application for each screen. There are many websites on the internet dedicated to helping developers create multiple screen applications. Just by going online you can find multiple screen computing programs and documentation. You can see a complete list of multiple screen computing programs at: In your next project you may decide to go to a website like . There you will find a complete list of various documentation, examples and help that will help you learn how to create and develop multi-window desktop applications.