Where Can I Find The PDF For Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes?

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Where can I find the PDF for Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes?

This is a very controversial question because the books give varying descriptions (and most people want to believe that he is either hot or not and have that already predetermined, ignoring all the evidence for the other side). I’ve thought about this question quite a bit and have come up with an answer. It depends. Obviously attractiveness is subjective, but we also change throughout the years, especially our teen years which is when the books are set. At the beginning of the series, Percy is a moderately attractive, fairly average looking prepubescent kid. He isn’t repulsive, but he isn’t some devilishly handsome guy. He’s 12. And honestly, who looks good at 12–13? He goes through puberty, gets acne, loses the acne, suddenly has a very active outdoors-y lifestyle etc. By the fourth book, Percy has become more attractive which is how we get three girls (and a boy) who like him, those quotes from Calypso etc. In fact, he may have even looked better before then, but a big part of a lot of people’s arguments against Percy being attractive that I’ve heard ignores a huge thing. The books are from Percy’s perspective. That’s also why we don’t actually know a lot about what he looks like. He doesn’t go around describing himself. That coupled with Percy’s persistent low self-esteem and his blindness to what others really think of him which are demonstrated throughout the series obviously skew the reader’s perception some. Therefor, we have to use as much of the perspectives of others as we can, and when we look at how others perceive Percy, we start to see many more accounts of him being good-looking. Hazel saying he looks like a god, Piper saying she can easily see why Annabeth likes Percy, Annabeth’s description of Percy (yes she’s his girlfriend, but you can’t deny that that is a description of someone fairly good-looking), etc. This is also when he’s 16–17 years old, at the point where he most likely has become rather attractive. But then of course we have Apollo. Apollo who broke his nose. Apollo who is using Percy. Apollo who is in distress. Apollo who got to know Percy at 13–14. And I never said Percy was a knock-out, but he is fairly attractive. Also, Apollo did mention that Percy was handsome so… yeah. Not to mention when people have two attractive parents t tend to be attractive as well, and Poseidon is a god while Sally is canonically beautiful, you’d think t’d have a fairly attractive son, yes? Plus Percy is often nearly mistaken for, even by Apollo in that same chapter, a young version his father who- did I mention?- is a god? But what about Magnus? May I say once more that attractiveness is subjective? Not to mention he is Magnus’ cousin’s boyfriend and is telling him to repeatedly jump off a ship’s mast. And it’s quite possible Magnus had higher expectations, Annabeth would have spoken of Percy in their conversations and, as his girlfriend, made him seem a bit more… wow. Percy is not ‘wow’, he’s rather handsome, there is a difference. Basically what I’m saying is that Percy is definitely attractive, but he isn’t necessarily the supermodel type.

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He certainly doesn’t have a ton of physical characteristics that most people look for in a potential love-interest and that people in love tend to focus on when deciding which guy or girl it should be. So I would say he is somewhat attractive. But that doesn’t mean he isn't very much on other people’s minds. I hope that answers your question. P.S. P.P.S. Yes all of that is an edited (well, I made it even less edited than “edited”) version of a comment I originally left on that link, where I really didn’t want to post the link because it would drive people away from the site in a hurry. Also, I really didn’t feel like writing a whole essay on each character’s appearance (I probably could if I had a lot of time, but most of my time these days is spent working). I just wanted.

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