When Will Upsc Exam 2017 Will Be Notified And Who Can Apply For This?

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When will UPSC exam 2017 will be notified and who can apply for this exam?

I cleared Prelims 2016 and gave Mains yesterday. Here are a few guiding principles. This is largely based on Roman Saini’s advice and confirmed by my success in Prelims. Don’t read ten books for anything. Don’t follow ten websites. Don’t listen to every person on the Internet, including toppers. Stick to one person, one plan. Personally, I find even Unacademy’s topper videos highly stressful because everyone has so many suggestions on every thing. Don’t go on a crazy test doing spree. Prelims Tests if properly done, take 2 hours for the test plus another 2–3 hours to understand where you were correct and where you went wrong. Close to the exams you are better off revising than testing. Don’t try to read everything under the Sun. Don’t buy everything that’s there online regarding IAS. Resist that spending spree sensation. You won’t have time to complete all online courses, it is genuinely hard to read from other’s notes. Toppers became toppers due to the research t did while making those notes, not simply due to the notes themselves. Don’t bother with highly individualized, rumor mongering, trivial questions on Quora. Eg. Someone said the paper gets set by February so no need to do Hindu after that? Should I break up with my gf to focus on IAS? How can IAS officers not be corrupt? Why did X quit the IAS? Skip all the topper interviews. Don’t read more than one newspaper. Here’s the strategy for Prelims. Read the Hindu daily until the week before the exams. Skip Pages 2–8, skip politics, sports, entertainment, celebrity gossip. Take notes on Onenote topic wise. Note down specifically nice phrases which can use in the Mains paper. Read NCERT History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Fine Arts, Culture, last 4 chapters of Class XII Biology and take copious notes. Read Ancient History available online (Skip Microeconomics Class 12, Skip World History Class 12. Don’t waste time reading Science, especially Class 11 and 12 - you won’t understand and it hasn’t been tested in the last two years). Read Indian Polity by Laxmikanth, Indian Economy by Sanjiv Verma, Geography by GC Leong and Spectrum Brief History of India (1885–1947) Read Shankar IAS Environment Notes. Do past papers since 2011 religiously as if doing a proper test. Finish a reasonable test series. Something with a maximum of 10–12 tests. ForumIAS was cheap and good quality. Do the ForumIAS Daily Quiz everyday. This year, t had 7 questions a day for 4 months based on IE and Hindu. This will help revise newspapers. Revise 1 and 2 regularly and before the exam. That’s all you need. Except Hindu, you can conveniently finish everything else in 3 months.

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