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When submitting a resume, what file type is preferable (E.g. PDF, word, ect)?

If you’re going to submit them electronically, submit your resume as a PDF and write your cover into your email. Don’t attach a separate cover letter. The reason is this… If I see two attachments, I will open the resume first. If the resume captures my attention, then I may (or may not) open the cover letter. More often than not, I won’t open it. I’ll let HR take a look at it because the resume told me what I wanted to know. And if your resume fails to capture my attention, then I will not have wasted time opening your cover letter. I’ll move on. But if you write your cover letter in the email, I will likely read it (or at least skim it) before I open your resume. Keep your email/cover letter short, only a couple of paragraphs. Longer than that, I won’t read it at all.

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It helps for the cover letter to give me something real to think about while reading the resume. You know what this looks like? I will often ask “What went into this decision?!” Why did it take so long? Which hiring manager is on this team, and how are they doing as a combination of employee and contributor to the organization? The more I know about a person, the better my job interview prep will be (and the better my interviewing skills will be)! 4. The email you send to be forwarded. If you are going to send a resume to a candidate, and you want them to email it to you, you should always forward the email it. I’ll show you why below. It's a pain in the ass to email multiple resumes at once. But don’t be fooled. You want your resume email to be seen by a hiring.

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