What Would Be Some Good Approaches to Writing a Browser Extension?

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What would be some good approaches to writing a browser extension that allowed the browser to view *only* HTML pages that contain links to a particular type of file (PDF)?

T are two types web browser format .html & .htm HTM and HTML are both file extensions of HTML files. The only difference is that .HTM is used as an alternate to .HTML for some operating systems and servers that do not accept four-letter extensions. Although today, operating systems have developed, and can now support long file names and four-letter file extensions. go to this liks you can get full calarity How to Run a HTML File

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What to do If Your HTML Document or HTML File is NOT UTF-8 As mentioned above, if your HTML document contains a non-8bit encoding of the data, you will end up with the following error message: Unknown encoding detected in current page: “Unicode/UTF-8”, or UTF-8 for short. If you have a non-8bit encoding, there are steps you can take to remove the errors: Use the following steps to make your HTML document UTF-8 compliant. 1. Write your text in an 8-bit encoding. This may take some time if your document is as large as a web page. 2. Download the web page to your PC (Internet Explorer works well) 3. Click on the “View Source” button on the top of the text editor. This will highlight the entire HTML document. 4. Replace all non-UTF8 encoded text in this text editor with ASCII only. This means the character set is ASCII.