What Do You Prefer An E Book Or a Real Book?

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What do you prefer an E-book or a Real book?

You evil, evil questioner. Don’t you know better than to make readers choose a book intake style? Fine. I’ll do it… Paper. Yes, I am 15. Yes, I am also a bit of an old soul. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to stuff I’m about to say. Something about paper books, t just feel like t contain the worlds t do. Electronics simply don’t have the mystique for me. A paper book can be opened to a random page effortlessly, and it’s like time travel. Wherever in the timeline that event is, you’re there now. There’s also the smell. I’m one of the last kids who was born before electronic books were available (the idea kinda scares me actually) and I guess just sitting in my bed, in my closet, in the library, anywhere really… I read a lot, I’d have my nose hovering over a book. At times my mom would literally come and take them all away, because I didn’t want to go down for dinner when I could be reading instead. Suffice to say, I spent a lot of time with books. The smell of books, that pressed paper smell, the faintly musty and leathery effect. Just typing about it brings it to mind. Do you know it? I certainly do, and nobody can tell me I don’t love it. The feel of books. I prefer paperback, but hardback books hold up better. T’re so malleable, t sit in my lap better, fold to my pillow better. I love the feeling of flipping pages, the sense of intensity in passivity. I can read a good book from dawn until long after dusk, perhaps even to the next dawn. It’s wonderful. One also cannot discount the fact that paper is just how my brain reads. I’m not used to the paper shining light at me, it makes me uncomfortable. I like the muted color of the text, the slight printer errors in the font. It’s all a part of a greater experience, one I fear is going the way of un-rubberized playgrounds. Yet for all that, there are some benefits to eBooks. Mostly, t have to do with convenience. The largest book I’ve ever read, some 278,000 words, or 1,100-ish pages, long. The version I read must have larger text, because it was 1600, but I’ve heard some prints get it to 750 some. Anyway, it was much too big to carry around in my backpack while i read it, so I downloaded it as an eBook and read it that way. It took longer, as I can’t zone in as well, but i got through it. T’re also convenient because t’re so easily accessible. A digital library is a lot easier to search than a real one, and you don’t even have to learn the Dewey Decimal System (I don’t think it’s that complicated, but I’ve been told I’m wrong). What it really comes down to is Experience versus Convenience. I think people get a little too caught up in convenience these days, missing the life experiences that make us all people, but that’s just my take.

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The thing is, you can only take it with you so far — as we all know, paper books are the ones we keep with us forever and no one even likes to trash them, not just because they are paper, but because they are us. I don’t expect everyone to understand my world view, but I do understand that people value memories. And e-books, I know, have the same potential as paper to last with us for a very long time (though it will eventually lose the ability to be photocopied and, as a consequence, lose a sense of immediacy). I think that's nice. That is what I believe, and I like to think people do too. Do you ever pick up a paper book in the supermarket? Do you ever get a little nostalgic — or to think of it differently? What about you? This is an edited.

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