Is There Any Law In Your Country To Protect The Right Of Individuals?

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Is there any law in your country to protect the right of individuals with ADHD? What type of disorder is ADHD? Do females and children face more problem with ADHD disorder? PDF Available from:

These disorders are all connected to some extent. There is a degree of overlap, and there tends to be a comorbidity between them. Austism and ADHD tend to go hand in hand. The emotional dis-regulation of ADHD is also prevalent in autism spectrum disorder due to an over sensitive nervous system. A hypersensitive nervous system will inevitably contribute to anxiety. The degree of anxiety will be proportional to the ability to withstand the stimuli. As the functioning level on the autism spectrum increases, the resistance to stress and anxiety also increases. This will result in less frequent shutdowns or meltdowns, which occur when a certain threshold of stress is reached. An autistic brain is neurodiverse in many ways. Many on the spectrum exhibit a particular skill in a narrow area due to over activity of the brain in specific regions. This is why autistics tend to have special interests due to a large gap in skills, especially when it comes to communication. Those who exhibit ADHD also have a high degree of hyperfocus on certain interests. Due to insensitve or disrupted dopamine receptors, the reward signaling is heavily skewed. To compensate for a reduced reward signaling for mundane activities, the person afflicted with ADHD hyper-focuses on interests to derive a normal reward. The inhibit to control the shifting of focus creates a state of chaos or disorganization, which creates a negative feedback loop potentially triggering anxiety. Bipolar disorder is also related to stress- both internally and externally. Once the body is shifted out of equilibrium or balance, the ability to maintain a smooth cycle with regards to mood swings is reduced. Anxiety is proportional to the level of chaos existing within the mind and body. If there is a shift in energy to the extreme, anxiety will often be a consequence. Mania tends not to be euphoric, but rather a state of constant anxiety. So, anxiety and bipolar can be categorized together. When the body is out of sync with the circadian rhyme that regulates sleep patterns, other cycles go out of sync as well. This puts the body in a stressful state (fight or flight), which creates a surplus of excitatory neurotransmitters and a deficiency of inhibitory neurotransmitters. There are often misdiagnosed cases of bipolar and ADHD. These two disorders also exhibit high comorbidity. The reason lies in the fact that ADHD leads to impulsivity, overexcitabilities, emotional disregulation, poor concentration, hyper activity, disorganization, and rapid speech pattern. Chaos is the common denominator among these disorders. The oversensitivities and overexcitatbilities creates frequent shifts in energy within the body. The mind is so intricately connected to the body such that an overactive mind can easily spur anxiety. Acceptance, contentment, and gratitude are key elements that help shape the mind and body in a positive way toward balance. Anxiety may be more frequent as a consequence of such disorders, but there are numerous ways to overcome the hurdles associated with them. These disorders all exist on a spectrum which continually evolve through time. It's hard to dictate which disorder is most similar to ADHD. Oftentimes, the symptoms associated with each disorder are loosely defined and poorly regulated. There are so many over diagnosed cases of ADHD. Technological use has created distractions, causing the mind to lose focus at a higher frequency. Bipolar disorder is often misdiagnosed with borderline personality disorder as well. Autism can be quite hard to detect in woman, who adapt better to social situations on average.

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While these conditions are linked to an overactive nervous system, in most cases the symptoms are due to the overactive brain.

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