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In this age, would you prefer reading a pdf document or a hard-copy of a book?

Kindle….always. Not app, but e-reader. I don’t have time to physically search for all the books i want to read. Instead i can buy them online and don’t have to worry about carrying it physically or where to place it after i have read it. As i don’t read any book twice, i don’t have to unnecessarily let it occupy any space in my room. Instead, i can just delete it afterwards if i didn’t like it. So yes, kindle forever.

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Type on PDF: All You Need to Know

With e-books, you have to physically place your physical object somewhere. However, when I’ve read a book a couple of times, I can just drop it in my e-reader and use it from there. It's really convenient. The real question is, are e-books really cheaper than Kindles in comparison to paper books? It all depends on cost of living. I think it's fair that Kindles can be purchased for less than paper books because they will last for more times and are cheaper to store. I would argue that you could buy e-books cheaper than the standard paper books, but it depends on where you lived. Kindle prices vary from city to city and there is no one standard. For example, when I lived in London, Kindles were quite expensive, maybe around £80 for the Kindle. Nowadays, they are much cheaper than that, and if you go to Amazon UK, you.