How Do I Test a Document Anti Virus Scanner for Different File Types?

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How do I test a document anti-virus scanner for different file types, e.g., PNG, JPG, JPEG, and PDF? I have used the EICAR file but I also need to test other file types.

A virus must replicate itself. It must execute in some computer. Any file can contain the code, that is, the sequence of bytes, which CAN be executed to replicate. But a sequence of bytes doesn’t start itself executing. For some file types, something else must read the virus bytes and execute them. Some file types are themselves executable on a particular operating system. An Linux executable will not by itself execute (run) on a Windows computer. So what does it mean to BE a virus. Some antivirus programs look for the sequence of bytes which when executed are a virus and call that a virus. Other types of antivirus look for the execution behavior of something and call that a virus. In either case, the sequence of bytes can be carried in any file and then somehow executed. The type of file used to carry the virus code is irrelevant. Virus code plus execution mechanism makes the trouble. Answering. “Can JPEG, PDF, VBS, PY, or any other file be a virus?”

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Yes. The code in the files can be interpreted by any computer. That is, it does not have to be loaded from a particular file but can be written to many files simultaneously. An executable file on the same computer may share the execution of a file by sharing the code to the interpreter. A program may contain a virus or many viruses; a virus may have different executables on different computers. However, the execution of a file in any one PC, is not a virus. Virus code is executable, not in, the programs, but in a particular file or other file as interpreter. When a computer executes, or can in theory execute a file, the virus (or viruses) which it contains can be executed. You’ve got to read that sentence again twice! No matter what any virus program may do in code it uses to execute itself, it.

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